Casa Guillermo, an original Palapa style home, was originally built in the 1970s when Puerto Vallarta was a sleepy fishing village of not more than 10,000. This charming resort on the “Mexican Riviera” is famously remembered for Elizabeth Taylor’s Night of the Iguana. Now Puerto Vallarta has over 300,000 people with tourism and growth as its primary industry. Among Puerto Vallarta’s many jewels are the villas for rent along the coast.    

Completed in 2008, the home was redesigned and rebuilt by the renowned Puerto Vallarta architect Alvaro Gomez. Alvaro retained the light and architecture of the original villa that made it so special, but vastly improved the interior layout, infrastructure, and amenities to world-class standards.  Alvaro's works are described by many as habitable sculpture. No detail is left unattended and one feels as though his homes are museum space, yet at the same time a place of comfort and beauty where one loves to pass the time. From redesign to completion the project took 1.5 years. Pilar Torres, a locally known interior designer, consulted on the design of furniture and art work.